Theory of Change

EarthWealth provides investment in an agro-business partner enterprise that has good knowledge of the value chain in which it operates. The partner enterprise is capacitated with knowledge, skills, systems, technologies etc., through the investment. The partner enterprise (often together with service providers) assists suppliers of inputs (for example smallholders through contract farming) to improve quality (standards) and quantity of inputs and (sometimes) also support the distribution chain to make it more effective.

Based on the partner enterprise’s work with input suppliers and (sometimes) distributors, opportunities for farmers, the partner enterprise and distributors to improve their performance, by changing the way they behave, are created. If farmers, partner enterprise and distributors recognize the potential benefits of this opportunity, then they all take advantage of the opportunity and improve their performance, for example increasing quality and range of products to the market. This improvement in the performance of many smallholders, the partner enterprise and distributors, increases their incomes and makes the value chains more competitive, which again contributes to long-term, broad-based, sustainable and inclusive growth.

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