EarthWealth (EW) is a Kenyan based social enterprise focused on promoting sustainable agriculture, agri-business and agro-industry ventures in Kenya. EW works with farming communities across a wide range of products towards promoting viable value addition processes and direct linkages to markets. We work with socially & economically viable demand and supply chain processes across these industries towards sustainable development. Technology is at the heart of EW work where we continuously engage new innovations which are easily deployable to our target groups.


Launched in 2015, EW has developed innovative programmes aimed at enhancing good investment and market opportunities for agri-business enterprises and food production related industries and services. As part of our strategic direction (2017-2020), EW has proposed to give priority to projects that enhance value chain development with a direct or indirect positive impact on small-holders and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).


  • Promote innovative and commercially scalable agri-business and agro-business ventures into their optimum capacities.
  • Promote efficiency within agricultural sector by offering technologically backed linkages between the demand and supply chain actors.
  • Increase productivity of rural farming communities through access to modern technology, capital and markets.
  • Dedicated support to women, youth and special groups within the target sector.



Our values ensure that our internal and external relations understand the key underlying questions including; why we do what we do as an entity, to whom we owe our work and the innate drive for our individual and collective work.

  • DIVERSITY: We acknowledge the diversity of thought, process and actions towards sustainable solutions to our current local and global challenges.
  • SUPPORT: We believe in a supportive environment to both our stakeholders and staff.
  • INTEGRITY: We measure ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, regulations and operate in an open manner.
  • RESULTS: Creativity and Innovation are at the heart of our work. Lasting solutions is our drive.



  1. Driving Agri-business Development.
  2. Skills & Capacity Development.
  3. Advisory & Technical Support.
  4. De-risking Access to Agricultural Finance for youth and women.



EW partners with social impact investors, foundations as well as institutional funders towards building a pool of investment capital for the various portfolio investments.