Kenya’s potato farming gets boost through Netherlands forum

Netherlands is the largest producer of potato seed in the world with most of the potato varieties grown in Kenya being Dutch. The development (Potato Forum) is informed by the need to revamp potato production in the wake of pests invasion of the country’s staple food, maize threatening food security.

Rosemary Odinga on the good, the bad and the slimy of snail farming

Snail meat is tantalising and super nutritious. Before you say “yuck”, read on. Not only is the meat amazingly sweet (it tastes like fried gizzard dipped in butter) it has a high demand from the high-end market that is so huge; farmers who have ventured into it cannot satisfy that market.

Growing Food and Growing Entrepreneurs: The Fuel for Africa’s Future

The global food security paradox is a very sad one. On the one hand there is more than enough food to feed the world’s 7 billion inhabitants. There are surpluses in – mountains of grain; pyramids of meat; and rivers of milk in some world regions. On the other hand, too many beg and hope for their next meal. The other sad paradox is that my continent, Africa, which holds 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land, is home to the largest population of chronically hungry, malnourished and, in some years, starving people. And we are a net importer of food.

Key Pillars

In our current Strategic Plan, EarthWealth envisages to implement its programmes under three broad thematic areas or pillars.