Agribusiness Support

To contribute to farmers increased access to information on pricing of agricultural products (inputs and outputs), and connections to and knowledge of suppliers, buyers or logistics providers, such as storage facilities and transport companies.

Theory of Change

EarthWealth provides investment in an agro-business partner enterprise that has good knowledge of the value chain in which it operates. The partner enterprise is capacitated with knowledge, skills, systems, technologies etc., through the investment. The partner enterprise (often together with service providers) assists suppliers of inputs (for example smallholders through contract farming) to improve quality (standards) and quantity of inputs and (sometimes) also support the distribution chain to make it more effective.

Seeds, Not Diamonds, Will Make Africa Great

I have witnessed many inspiring changes in Africa over the years. Technologies that enable farmers produce more yield per unit acreage have been developed. Access to markets and financial resources have also improved as has the policy landscape. Additionally, Africa is experiencing unprecedented economic growth with five of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies being African.

13th CAADP Partnership Platform calls for stronger accountability on continental commitments on agriculture ‘Meeting pushes for the realisation of the AU Malabo commitments on agriculture through mutual accountability for results and impact

Mutual accountability for results and impact is a key determining factor for Africa’s development as pointed out in the Malabo Declaration which contains seven key commitments on agricultural transformation, which the AU Heads of State and Government committed to at their 2014 AU Heads of State and Government Summit.